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Join us now and receive instant Forex funding. You keep 50% of all your profits and can manage a funded Forex account of up to £1,000,000 with zero risk.

Simple Funding Steps

Get instant access to real funds and create your pathway!

Earn from day one

Unlike other providers we don't operate on demo accounts, we provide real funding where you can start earning from the first trade.

Reliable Payouts

Simple and fast monthly payout structure where you can earn and accumulate your capital upon hitting targets.

Fast Growth

Immediately start trading with real money on our account and we increase the amount of capital at every milestone.

£10,000£25,000 £40,000£70,000
Low RiskAggressiveLow RiskAggressiveLow RiskAggressiveLow RiskAggressive
Starter Funded Capital£2,500
Instant Funding
Instant Funding
Instant Funding
Instant Funding
Profit Target£250 / 10%£625 / 25%£625 / 10%£1,562.5 / 25%£1,000 / 10%£2,500 / 25%£1,750 / 10%£4,375 / 25%
Max drawdown 5% 5% 5% 5%
Account Leverage1:101:301:101:301:101:301:101:30
Maximum Time90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days
Next Funding Level£10,000 / x4£25,000 / x4£40,000 / x4£70,000 / x4
Payout Split50%50%50%50%
Guaranteed Funding£1 Million£1 Million£1 Million£1 Million
One Participation Fee£200£375£575£950
Low-Risk SignupAggressive SignupLow-Risk SignupAggressive SignupLow-Risk SignupAggressive SignupLow-Risk SignupAggressive Signup
Target For Double Funding
Growth PlanUp to £1M guaranteedUp to £1M guaranteedUp to £1M guaranteedUp to £1M guaranteed
Profit Target10%25%10%25%10%25%10%25%
£10,000£10,000£25,000 £25,000 £40,000£40,000£70,000£70,000
Starter Funded Capital£17,500
Instant Funding
Profit Target£4,375 / 25%
Max drawdown5%
Account Leverage1:30
Maximum Time90 Days
Next Funding Level£70,000 / X4
Payout Split50%
Guaranteed Funding£1 Million
One Participation Fee£950
Aggressive Signup
Target For Double Funding
Growth AgendaUp to £1M Guaranteed
Profit Target25%

All trading styles welcome on our MT4 software

We operate on the most common trading platform MT4 to ensure trade position accuracy and ease of use for our traders on many devices. We use super-raw spreads and keep the commissions low with popular trading instruments powered by our liquidity providers.

Limitless Potential Funding Programme

We offer fully comprehensive funding packages.

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  • Trading

Study Coach

It is important to help our traders build consistency and eliminate negative decisions. We have mentors and coaches to assist you on your journey. We make sure to piece it all together and provide clarity within our trading information. It is important to utilize this which will consequently lead to better trading decisions.

We use Trusted Trading Platforms

We use popular trading apps for our traders. It is important to use your own discipline in alignment with our trading tools, while we can assist with performance reviews.

Account Reports

It is important for us to look at all traders with an unbiased opinion because it does not matter if the trader is a novice or an expert, another opinion is always valuable. For most traders, trading is also a solitary venture where many times, so it is important for us to improve traders and do good for the community.

Trader Support

Contact with our traders is essential for us. We aim to support not only in the process of becoming the Forex Traders UK trader but also after that. Our welcoming trader support specialists are always there for you via email 24 hours a day.

Trading Support

We help and advise new traders on how to understand the trading tools and plans to get the best use out of our service and build the most profit. In addition, we organize educational webinars on advanced trading topics and interact with the industry-leading traders.

Boost your Trading Capital, wherever you are.

Work Remotely

Our traders come from all corners of the globe. All you need is access to the internet and a trustworthy trading strategy.

Instant Access to Live Funds

Get immediate funding and join the trading floor from day one. You will be trading with our company capital.

All Styles Welcome

All profitable trading styles are welcome with us. We reward all traders who implement solid risk control.

Hold Trades over weekends

If the market is open, you can trade. We don't limit the hours you can trade. Trade when you like, where you like.

Leverage up to 1:30

The leverage is set to a maximum of 1:30 which is more than enough to make fantastic returns with discipline.

No Demo Challenge

We don't need you to pass any demo challenge to join the floor. We have full confidence in all our traders.


By becoming a 'Forex Trader UK' trader you are automatically entered into our leaderboard system to access more potential.

Fast Scaling

Immediately start trading with real money on our account and we increase the amount of capital at every milestone.​

Trader Support

We provide inhouse trader support alongside courses and online coaching. No trader gets left behind.

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