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Trade our capital or your own: Accelerated Growth versus Compound Account

Accelerated growth explained

Forex Traders UK enables Accelerated Growth in your trading account. You can trade our capital and double your monetary funding each time you hit a milestone.

This additional funding allows you access to more advantages within the market and the potential for even more earnings. The resulting huge, augmented growth is unheard of and would not be possible when trading your own capital.

The comparison is as follows:

Trading our Funds vs. Trading your own funds

PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£10,000£2,500£1,000£125
Period 2£10,000£10,000£2,000£625
Period 3£10,000£20,000£3,000£1,625
Period 4£10,000£40,000£4,000£3,625
Period 5£10,000£80,000£5,000£7,625
Period 6£10,000£160,000£6,000£15,625
Period 7£10,000£320,000£7,000£31,625
Period 8£10,000£640,000£8,000£63,625
Period 9£10,000£1,000,000£9,000£113,625
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£30,000£7,500£3,000£375
Period 2£30,000£30,000£6,000£1,875
Period 3£30,000£60,000£9,000£4,875
Period 4£30,000£120,000£12,000£10,875
Period 5£30,000£240,000£15,000£22,875
Period 6£30,000£480,000£18,000£46,875
Period 7£30,000£960,000£21,000£94,875
Period 8£30,000£1,000,000£24,000£144,875
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£40,000£10,000£4,000£500
Period 2£40,000£40,000£8,000£2,500
Period 3£40,000£80,000£12,000£6,500
Period 4£40,000£160,000£16,000£14,500
Period 5£40,000£320,000£20,000£30,500
Period 6£40,000£640,000£24,000£62,500
Period 7£40,000£1,000,000£28,000£112,500
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£70,000£17,500£7,000£875
Period 2£70,000£70,000£14,000£4,375
Period 3£70,000£140,000£21,000£11,375
Period 4£70,000£280,000£28,000£25,375
Period 5£70,000£560,000£35,000£53,375
Period 6£70,000£1,000,000£42,000£103,375
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£10,000£2,500£2,500£313
Period 2£10,000£10,000£5,000£1,563
Period 3£10,000£20,000£7,500£4,063
Period 4£10,000£40,000£10,000£9,063
Period 5£10,000£80,000£12,500£19,063
Period 6£10,000£160,000£15,000£39,063
Period 7£10,000£320,000£17,500£79,063
Period 8£10,000£640,000£20,000£159,063
Period 9£10,000£1,000,000£22,500£284,063
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£30,000£7,500£7,500£938
Period 2£30,000£30,000£15,000£4,688
Period 3£30,000£60,000£22,500£12,188
Period 4£30,000£120,000£30,000£27,188
Period 5£30,000£240,000£37,500£57,188
Period 6£30,000£480,000£45,000£117,188
Period 7£30,000£960,000£52,500£237,188
Period 8£30,000£1,000,000£60,000£362,188
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£40,000£10,000£10,000£500
Period 2£40,000£40,000£20,000£5,500
Period 3£40,000£80,000£30,000£15,500
Period 4£40,000£160,000£40,000£35,500
Period 5£40,000£320,000£50,000£75,500
Period 6£40,000£640,000£60,000£155,500
Period 7£40,000£1,000,000£70,000£280,500
PeriodYour FundsOur FundsYour ProfitProfit with us
Period 1£70,000£17,500£17,500£875
Period 2£70,000£70,000£35,000£9,625
Period 3£70,000£140,000£52,500£27,125
Period 4£70,000£280,000£70,000£62,125
Period 5£70,000£560,000£87,500£132,125
Period 6£70,000£1,000,000£105,000£257,125

12,5 times more profit!

With your own regular trading account and a 10% profit margin, you may be able to reach steady profit growth. With an FX Traders UK account, you can reach augmented growth, resulting in 12,5 times more profit!

And above all, you always keep 50% of your profits. You do not have to leave it in your account, and have access to your generated profits each month. Still, your funded capital will increase, allowing you the possibility of accelerating your profit each period.

Ready to get funded today?

Once you have familiarised yourself with our rules get funded within 5 minutes!

All our funded accounts come with a fixed equity stop out level. Once the account equity level gets below this fixed stop out bar, we will close all running trades and disable trading and access. The stop out level is a fixed value for each funding level, this means that any profit which has been made by the trader increases the loss allowance.