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Trading Guidelines

 Low riskAggressive
Level One Time limit90 Days90 Days
Stopout level5%5%
Profit share50/5050/50

Growth for Level 1



Growth from Level 2

X2 every 10% up to £1M

X2 every 25% up to £1M

The drawdown is measured with the resulting calculation: The profit/loss deviation from the starting balance. So, an example might be, a trader on a £25,000 account who have closed or open positions worth -£1000 in total have a drawdown of 4%. This is also referred to as absolute drawdown. The drawdown buffer that we allow on our trading accounts continually moves higher at each funding level. For example, if you have a low risk £10,000 account and you make £700 profit in one month, we don’t reset your balance, so the equity allowed to use won’t be allowed lower than the 5% from the beginning of the funding level and account size.

We allow all traders to hold their trades overnight and over the weekend as well if they wish to. We remind traders that it’s their responsibility to understand the disadvantage of rollover swap conditions, volatility and spreads conditions that could affect a certain trade position. Feel free to trade your style with any trade time lengths.

All our traders get paid monthly. We always make sure traders are paid and all invoices are final. We ask that traders send us their invoices when all trading requirements are met and you will be paid with 7 days from the invoice approval.

The leverages are 1:10 on a low risk account and 1:30 on an aggressive account which is more than enough to suit all profitable trading styles.

We offer super raw spreads between 1 and 3 pips depending on instruments.

Forex Traders UK programs

We have built our system which is particularly intended to observe how traders deal with all trading situations while proving their skills and stability. We believe it’s our mission to make sure that our traders’ capabilities are solid and advanced to deal with the market reality and challenges that can be difficult to beat. That’s why we require 10 minimum positions. 

If you have been able to pass our challenge then congratulations. It is in your best interest to continue trading with the same style to start making our way up the funding levels. All traders are expected to continue using the same trading method, as our program is designed for you to show consistency and solid results.

It is our mission to find traders who are reliable, stable, and low risk handlers, who can trade with maximum upside to achieve great profits, which means that you could make up for that fee in your payout. All fees are non-refundable.

You will get a fully funded trading account from us. Profit share pay out each month at 50% which you can invoice. No need to deal with trading losses. Access to our trading sources. Dedicated support from one of our account managers to assist your trading journey.

You can register for up to 3 different programs, which allows traders to get more funds to trade, up to £3 million+. However, you cannot merge the different accounts.

Our Trading Environment

Right now, we use the popular Metatrader 4 Platform (MT4) since it’s the choice of most forex traders worldwide.

We trust our trader’s assessment skills and we don’t want you to change your strategy or your approach to trading. We are very flexible within our rules and want to make sure that all traders can grow and earn at the same time.

Metatrader 4 is free and can be downloaded on the Apple and Google Play stores on most mobile devices. We recommend using a desktop for the majority of your trading for the best accuracy long term.

All trading accounts that we open and it’s capital are legally owned by Forex Traders UK. We allocate our capital on a contractor’s based agreement.

About Forex Traders UK

Forex Traders UK is a private fund holding ownership of the trading accounts under a regulated broker. However, there is no regulation clause to what we do since we aren’t a financial institute nor do we provide any financial services. We trade using our companies own capital with the support of skilled traders.

We welcome all traders and a large variety of styles that can be very profitable when using our scaling programs.

No license nor any professional qualifications are required to trade with us! We don’t handle any 3rd parties money hence why we have the freedom to hire any trader for our fund.

Payouts are issued by Paypal for amounts below £1,000 and by Bank Wire Transfer for any amount above £1,000. Forex Traders Uk doesn’t apply any extra fees for processing pay-outs, your 50% share is what we send out, however bank fees may apply.

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