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Anyone around the world who is 18+ and loves trading forex! We offer instant funding on a real account with exceptional growth plans to traders.

Forex Traders UK provides an opportunity for traders to leverage their success and build accelerated capital while being rewarded through our funding programs.

Yes! We have a growing number of happy traders who trust us and can be seen on our Trustpilot.

We have an automated system that monitors all accounts and trades.

No, we use our own liquidity provider and our traders will be given login credentials to manage their account.

Our trading currency is in pound sterling (GBP). We are based in the United Kingdom, so we trade in our local currency.

You can trade on your mobile device via the Metatrader 4 app.

To get started and be apart of our team all you need is to secure your funding program with a one-time sign-up fee and be over 18 years old.

We do support traders with one to one sessions, trader interviews and other useful tools to enable them to be a better trader.

Forex Traders UK Level 1 Accounts

After completing the sign-up process, you should receive your account details within an hour during our business hours to your e-mail along with your metrics dashboard welcome e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder in case it was mistakenly delivered there.

No, we no longer have any minimum trading day’s requirement. As soon as you hit your milestone target, you will be eligible for a pay-out and more funding responsibility

If you haven’t been able to hit your milestone target within 90 days, we then assess your trading history on your funded account and give you an extension at our discretion or terminate your account.

We allow traders to have up to a maximum of 3 active accounts simultaneously.

All our traders are trading real funds from day one with the opportunity to scale their account up to £1,000,000.

You will receive your first pay-out once you have reached your level 1 milestone target.

Please close all open trades on your account and we will get in touch with you by e-mail. You will receive your new level 2 funded account details by e-mail and the next steps as well as your level 1 certificate.

If you reach the equity stop out, your account will automatically be terminated, and access will be disabled.

We will receive an alert and we will monitor the account closely and get in touch with you if you violate the rules frequently. If the trader persists to violate the rules, we will have to step in and terminate the account.

Forex Traders UK Level 2 or higher accounts

Once you have made it to level 2 or higher, you can withdraw your profits anytime as long as your share is above £150.

No, we no longer have any minimum trading day’s requirement.

There is no minimum or maximum time limit for you to hit your milestone target, so when you reach the next milestone target you will immediately move to the next level and manage more capital.

We don’t allow traders to merge accounts. If a trader has more than one open account with us, they have to trade them separately.

Yes, we allow you to change your program (low risk – aggressive program) but only after you’ve hit your milestone target. You’re not allowed to switch between the two programs if you have already placed a trade.

Please make sure you’ve closed all trades and we will be in touch with you when you hit your milestone target. You will receive your new funded account details by e-mail regarding the next level account.

If you’ve hit your equity stop out on a level 2 account, then you can re-join the funding program by purchasing a new level 1 account. If you’re in level 3 or higher you will have the option to cover your losses and start with a new account on the same level. Alternatively, you can cover the allowed loss of the previous level and start with a new account on that level.

Billing & Pay-outs

You can pay the one-off joining fee using PayPal, cryptocurrency and debit or credit card on our website.

No, the once off joining fee is the only fee the trader needs to pay. After signing up the trader will be able to fully access the account with no further charges.

Our current pay-out methods are PayPal, bank transfer, cryptocurrency and Transferwise.

The trader is a sub-contractor for Forex Traders UK and will provide services by managing Forex Traders UK capital.

Please allow up to 2 working days for the pay-out to be processed. The amount of time for the pay-out to reach your account can vary depending on the payment method.

You can get a refund if you have not placed a single trade on your funded account and the refund request should be sent within 48 hours of signing up to

If you have placed a trade then you will not be eligible for a refund.

Trading Environment

We use our own liquidity provider through Itexsys. We use trusted platforms with no account fees such as swaps or commissions.

In most cases the spreads are ultra-low and vary between 0.2 and 1 pip.

All our accounts are managed and traded on the Metatrader 4 platform.

We provide standard Metatrader 4 trading accounts with a variety of forex pairs and gold.

Yes!  We require you to use a stoploss on every trade you place. On the low risk program this needs to be set at a maximum of 1.5%.

You can trade the 27 Forex Majors and Minor pairs and Gold


Here is a list of the instruments we offer:


Yes! There is no time limit to trade durations, and we allow the trader to hold trades overnight.

Yes, there is no time limit to trade durations, and we allow the trader to hold trades over weekends.

Yes, we allow the use of a trade copier.

Yes, we allow the use of any EA or Metatrader robot.

Yes, all trading styles are welcome.

Yes, as long as you manage your trades so that there are no rule violations.

Yes, we allow our traders to trade during news events.

All trading accounts that we open and its capital are legally owned by Forex Traders UK.

About Forex Traders UK

Forex traders UK is a proprietary firm for all forex traders worldwide. Our program is designed by traders for traders.

You can get in touch via live chat on the website, e-mail, social media and telephone on +44 (20) 8798 2605.

Our business hours are from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 18:00 GMT. You can contact us on the Live chat on our website after these hours.

The capital used to fund traders is Forex Traders UK own capital

There is no regulation clause to what we do since we aren’t a financial institute, nor do we provide any financial services. We trade using our companies own capital with the support of skilled traders.

We have a growing number of happy traders who trust us who can be seen on Trustpilot.

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